I need to be reminded from time to time how blessed I have been and still am by the presence of Our Lady in my life. I'm grateful that the Thirteenth of the Month Club keeps me in touch and aware of her presence in my life.


Since I am a person who enjoys structure and routine – even in my spiritual life – I look forward to the commitment of praying a Rosary on the 13th for special intentions. I am grateful for the opportunity to have others pray for those special intentions which I write down each month.


I know that my membership in the Thirteenth of the Month Club is a gift from Our Lady. Without Our Blessed Mother and her many gifts, I would be lost. The world is in such darkness and Our Lady's light lifts me, and my troubled family, up and strengthens us to continue. Your newsletter and prayers, and all the spiritual benefits I get as a member, all encourage me.


I like having an intention for the Thirteenth of the Month to pray for rather than just praying for my own intentions. The Thirteenth of the Month Club makes me feel a part of a special community that loves the Blessed Mother. I feel united with the other members even though I don't know them.


Being in the Club makes me feel a part of something that is larger than myself. It refreshes my faith to read the club newsletter. I have been once to Fatima; being part of the Thirteenth of the Month Club brings back those precious memories of my time there. I love the stories of the new seminarians and how they came to the Marian Father.


My devotion to Mary began in childhood. I belong to the Rosary Sodality and the Legion of Mary. As a member of the Thirteenth of the Month I feel we are all connected and when we are praying for each other, Mary smiles!


It's comforting to be a part of praying for and receiving others prayers on this special day. Our Blessed Mother chose the Thirteenth of the Month for her appearances. I want to honor Mary in this same way.


My devotion to Mary increased after my only child, who was bon on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, died. I united my sorrows to hers and she gave me strength to accept without question God's will. The Thirteenth of the Month club is inspirational to me. I appreciate the time and research that goes into each newsletter.


I look forward to the newsletter every month, and when I receive it I read it from cover to cover. Of particular interest to me are the stories of the newly ordained priests, as I have a grandson who is a second year seminarian. The story of Fatima came alive to me when I visited Fatima in Portugal a few years ago. It was after that trip that I learned of the Thirteenth of the Month Club, This was so timely. I have to believe it was the work of the Holy Spirit and Our Lady calling me to grow spiritually through this club.


I feel like I belong to a very large family who has the most wonderful mother – Our Blessed Virgin Mary.


I am very close to Our Blessed Mother. I pray at least two rosaries daily and the Angelus and Memorare. I also have many statues of her in my home to remind me of her presence. People need to pray the rosary or just say a Hail Mary often – it is powerful. We must ask Mary to keep and guide us in everything we do.


Mary has been important to me since I was a child. She looks after me and my family. She has drawn me to Jesus. I had two miscarriages and a difficult third pregnancy. I gave my son to her during my pregnancy. He was due on Nov. 30, according to the ultrasound. However he was born on Dec. 12, Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I love the Thirteenth of the Month Club newsletter. The faith of others as shared in the newsletter strengthens my faith. I always leave the newsletter in a conspicuous place so other family members can read it if the spirit leads them to do so.


I am interested in everything that has to do with the Blessed Mother, especially the Rosary. And I am trying to understand her, Jesus, and God's will. I realize I am falling short and greatly appreciate all of the prayers that are being said for me.


I was married on the 13th of October, 1956 in St. Joseph's Church. So when I learned there was a Thirteenth of the Month Club, I just had to join. My husband died just about two weeks after our 50th anniversary. I like the idea of so many people joining together to pray with and for others intentions. I love being a part and benefitting from all these prayers.


We invite you to be part of this spiritual renewal by joining the Thirteenth of the Month Club.

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